Food + Stuff

Looking for a tasty bite? Or a new bedtime book?

Grab some pizza or coffee from artisan chefs, browse our bookstore, buy a hat or dress a doll.



Wood-fired PIZZA

Stone Creek Inn

Wood fired pizza from their mobile pizza oven.

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Lili’s Baked Goods

Spreading sweetness across Brookhaven!



Carla Marla’s Ice Cream Parlor

Artisan ice-cream from Bellport’s favorite sweet spot.

girl in apron.jpg

Kids-only Café

The Runcible Spoon

Our pop-up café is run by children for children. That’s right, no adults allowed, except renowned restaurateur, Andrew Tarlow, who might lend our kid staff a few runcibles.

What is a runcible? Confused adults may read up on children’s author, Edward Lear’s nonsense word. The rest of us will carry on inventing our own utensils. Can anyone spare their saucelid?

Kindly sponsored by Tola New York & Copper Beech

Food allergy warning: please be advised that food offered here may contain tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, soybean or wheat.



Children’s Dolls + Animals + Clothes

Hazel Village

As a special treat for festival families, Hazel Village is bringing their Doll Dress-up Bar. Enjoy!




Terrace Books

Bring a cart so you can lug home your new library!


handcrafted educational toys

little miss workbench

Michele will also conduct a woodworking workshop.


Heirloom children’s clothes

P i p p e r s

Whimsical, heirloom clothing hand cut and sewn locally for over 25 years. With offerings for children and adults. Pippers, wear them well, be happy and comfortable that’s what they’re made for.


Fine Stationery

Mr. Boddington’s Studio

For over a decade Mr. Boddington’s Studio has been encouraging people to toss their phones into the sea and pen a note. Stop by their table to see stationery for discerning children, and chic adults, and to learn about their free letter-writing club for children: The Secret Society of Letter Writers.

Vendor inquiries

Family friendly businesses

Reach out to discuss pop-up opportunities.